Tampa Car Accident Statistics

A nationwide survey identified Florida drivers as among the worst in the country. Research indicates that Florida has a high car accident fatality rate. In 2016, there were 395,785 car accidents in Florida with a total of 668,699 drivers involved in these accidents. To make matters worse, the state also has the highest percentage of uninsured drivers (twenty-seven percent), meaning that in a car accident, drivers who were not at fault and had adequate insurance would still end up footing their bills for damages.

Understanding Tampa Car Accident Statistics

Tampa, in Hillsborough County, is one of Florida’s busiest metropolitan cities, and when it comes to car accidents, it has its own share of problems. In 2017, Hillsborough County had 27,909 car crashes, resulting in 191 fatalities and 20,682 injuries. The Interstate Four, or I-4, is considered the most dangerous highway in the country with the 132 mile stretch from Tampa to Daytona Beach having 1.41 fatalities per mile. A look at Tampa car accident statistics can help identify the core problem areas.

Experts say that the most common reasons of car crashes in Tampa include speeding, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As the highway is located so close to Tampa, it brings a lot of tourist traffic through the city. The sheer volume of the traffic in Tampa and visiting drivers who are unaccustomed to the city’s roads often exacerbate the frequency of car crashes.

The state of Florida has placed a ban on texting while driving, and yet, distracted driving is a leading cause for car crashes. A closer look at Tampa car accident statistics shows that a large percentage of car accidents that took place in Hillsborough County happened in Tampa and, in most of these crashes, authorities found that the driver at fault was driving under the influence.  

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