Suing After a Single-Car Accident in Louisiana

Single-vehicle accidents are called at-fault accidents. It is often difficult to claim compensation for at-fault accidents, especially if the cause is driver error, intoxication, carelessness, and other  factors that can be attributed to the driver and to no one else. However, there are instances when you can successfully sue after a single-vehicle accident in Louisiana. Read on to learn more.

Possible Causes of Single-Car Accidents

Hazardous Road Conditions

Slippery roads due to snow, sleet, and rain can easily cause accidents, especially single-vehicle crashes. Black ice is notoriously hard to spot once you are on the road—even more so if you are driving in the dark or rain. You can prove that slippery conditions caused you to lose control of the car, especially if you were not aware of the condition of the roads. You may be able to sue for lack of proper road maintenance, such as lack of signage, the presence of potholes, or falling trees, rocks, and other debris that may have contributed to the accident. If private individuals caused these obstructions, you may be able to claim compensation from them.

Faulty Automobile

If there was a defect in your car that caused you to lose control, you may have grounds to sue. It is important to have your car examined as soon as you can to determine if any defect caused the accident, such as faulty brakes or bad tires. In many instances, automobile defects can be traced back to the manufacturer, and you may be able to claim compensation for damage and injuries suffered as a result of this defect.


Drunk driving is one of the most common causes of single-car accidents in Louisiana. It may be difficult to prove that you had nothing to do with your crash if you are found intoxicated behind the wheel at the scene of the accident. Intoxication can severely impact your reflexes and impair decision-making—the perfect combination for a car crash.

Suing After a Single-Car Accident in Louisiana

The first step if you want to claim compensation after a single-car accident in Louisiana is to talk to your Baton Rouge car crash lawyer. Your lawyer may be able to show that you were not at fault, especially if you were driving within the speed limit and exercised caution as you were driving. He can also help you obtain camera footage and witness accounts to prove that you could not have caused the accident or that the accident was out of your control.

You may be able to claim adequate compensation if you can prove that other persons or entities were responsible for the crash. Poorly maintained roads, lack of signage, and inadequate street lighting can make the parish where the crash happened liable for the damage you suffered. The same is true if the car suffered a malfunction that you could not have anticipated. You can sue third parties if you can prove that they caused an obstruction on the road that caused the damage. Talk to your lawyer today.