Secrets That Auto Insurers Don't Want Crash Victims to Know

Secrets That Auto Insurers Don’t Want Crash Victims to Know

Most people realize that they have to file an insurance claim after a vehicle collision if they want to be paid back for their property damage and personal injury expenses. When you’ve been hurt you could have some serious medical expenses, and you might be out of work for a while.

The only way to receive the money that you need to get by is to file a case with your insurance company, and in limited circumstances you might be able to file a claim against the at-fault driver. How do you know if the insurance companies are treating you fairly, though?

There are some secrets that insurers don’t want you to know. That’s why we’re letting you in on a few of those secrets, so that you don’t get taken when you go to file your insurance claim.

Secret #1 – You Might Be Able to File a Case Against the At-Fault Driver

In a no-fault state like New York, insurance companies don’t want you to know that there is an exception to the rule that you can’t go after the at-fault driver. If you’ve been seriously injured and your damages exceed those set by your own no-fault policy’s limits, you can pursue the at-fault driver for damages.

Secrets That Auto Insurers Don't Want Crash Victims to Know

Secret #2 – What Types of Damages You Can Receive

Most people know that they can receive compensation for their property damage and medical expenses, but did you know that you could receive damages for your physical pain and suffering? You can even receive payment for mental anguish and other suffering the accident caused you.

Insurers don’t advertise this fact because they know that it will lead to larger settlements. You’re welcome.

Secret #3 – Insurance Companies Aren’t Your Friends

Although insurance companies often put out commercials portraying themselves as your BFFs—always looking out for you when you’re in need—they aren’t really as team victim as they claim. They will fight against your claim if they can, and even your own insurance company will deny your claim, or part of it, if they think they can.

Always be careful what you say to insurers, and make sure you do your research before accepting a settlement check. You deserve to receive every penny that’s owed to you after being in an accident; after all, that’s why you’ve been paying for insurance all this time.

Injured in an Auto Wreck and Need Some Help with Your Claim?

It’s not unusual for those that have been injured in a wreck to feel overwhelmed by the claim process. Even when you’re working with your own no-fault insurance provider to recover compensation, it’s tough to know for sure if they are paying you what you’re really owed for your accident and losses.

It’s often recommended that auto wreck victims obtain the services of a lawyer, such as this Queens car crash lawyer. You can file your case on your own, but it could be in your best interest to speak with an attorney about your claim.