Motorcycle Accident Laws: Missouri vs. Illinois

The city of St. Louis is located in Eastern Missouri, but spills over to Illinois when considering the metro area. Crossing the state line is common for locals, so it is not considered to be a big deal. Even though it is very easy to cross borders, laws can change in a hurry. When comparing motorcycle accident laws in Missouri vs. Illinois, there are a few things to consider.

Both states require auto insurance, and they have relatively the same laws as far as dealing with accidents. However, most people in St. Louis are well aware that it is cheaper and easier to get license plates for a motorcycle in Illinois compared to Missouri. Not only is there no personal property tax in Illinois, but there are no safety inspections either. That saves a person a lot of money, even if they might be a little bit more susceptible to breakdowns because of the lack of an inspection.

If in an accident, it is important to file everything in the state that it occurred. It might be a bit inconvenient if you live in the other state, but it will go smoother in the long run. There are really no advantages in dealing with the accident in a home state, unless all parties involved decide to go to court and live in the same, different home state.

A major difference between Missouri and Illinois is that Missouri is one of nineteen states that always require motorcyclists to wear a helmet when operating or riding the motorcycle. This was put in place to help combat the number of the deaths per year in the state. Illinois, on the other hand, is one of the few states that have no laws regarding helmet use. It is not like motorcyclists are taking off their helmet as soon as they cross the border, but it is something to keep in mind If a person lives in Illinois but is constantly crossing over to Missouri with their motorcycle.

Living in a city that is on the border of two different states can be a little bit confusing when trying to understand law. There are so many differences to comb through that it is often recommended to seek legal advice if dealing with any type of accident involving a motorcycle. A St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer will know the specific laws in both states to help out as much as possible.