Defending Yourself in Traffic Court

Defending Yourself in Traffic Court Isn’t a Good Idea

So, you’ve just been hit with a traffic ticket and you want to fight it. Good move. But trying to fight it on your own isn’t usually the best idea ever. One of the main problems with this is that traffic court is still court and the judge will be deciding your fate. If you wouldn’t defend yourself in another courtroom, why do you think that you can do it in traffic court?

What are Some of the Negative Effects of Being Convicted of a Traffic Infraction?

Many people make the mistake of underestimating how much a traffic ticket can change their lives. They think that the worst that can happen is they’ll have to pay their fines, but traffic tickets can wreak havoc on your life. Here are some of the main ways traffic tickets can affect you.

  • Points on your driving record – If you plead guilty or are convicted after fighting your ticket by yourself, you will receive points on your driving record. These points can add up quickly leading to license suspension, which could affect other areas of your life.
  • Financial impact – If you are convicted of your traffic infraction you will be forced to pay a large fine. In addition to the fine, which could put you behind on other bills, you could even lose your job if you have too many points on your record. If you lose your job that will also greatly affect you financially.
  • Insurance rate increases – Your insurance company will likely increase your rates if you’re convicted of a traffic infraction. This means that you will be paying more money each month, further leading to financial issues. In addition, if you continue to receive tickets your insurance company can actually refuse to insure you.

Defending Yourself in Traffic Court

Reasons Why Fighting a Ticket on Your Own Isn’t Usually in Your Best Interest.

Why shouldn’t you fight a ticket on your own? Because you simply don’t have the ability to effectively fight your ticket.

  • You don’t have any knowledge of the laws surrounding traffic violations.
  • You likely don’t know your rights, which means you won’t know what to look for to show that your rights were violated.
  • You may not know what type of evidence would convince a judge to dismiss your case.
  • Finally, you likely don’t have any experience arguing a case in court.

If you aren’t a lawyer then you probably don’t want to pretend to be one; after all, it’s your life’s happiness on the line.

Should You Hire an Attorney to Help You Fight Your Ticket?

It’s usually a good idea to hire a traffic attorney to fight your ticket alongside you. Traffic lawyers know everything about traffic violations; they know your rights and therefore know if your rights have been violated; they also know how to gather evidence to prove your case; they know how to argue a case in court.

Traffic lawyers are still lawyers and they’ve been to law school. Most likely you haven’t. They can help you fight your ticket and win, keeping you from having to deal with any of the possible negative consequences of a traffic violation conviction. Believe it or not but you can afford a traffic lawyer. Most will work within your budget, so contact a lawyer to discuss your case.