Dangerous Roads in Orange County

Dangerous Roads in Orange County, California

Orange County is synonymous with fine homes nestled within tranquil and serene environments. However, this bustling suburbia is also a mobile society with inexperienced drivers and cars on the roads each day. Similarly, driving is a necessity in most of the OC — and it’s important for all drivers to understand all the dangerous roads in Orange County, California. With speed limits enforced daily by law enforcement, you must use your defensive-driving skills to stay safe. No truer is this than on roads filled with hazards, including oil slicks, potholes and daring turns and swerves.

To prevent road rage and stay safe while driving, we have listed some of the most dangerous roads in Orange County, California for drivers. This will help you plan your trips carefully, while being mindful of hazards and risks while on the road.

Laguna Canyon Road

Laguna Canyon Road is one of the most travelled roads in the OC. Situated in the heart of Orange County; it is a strip of State Route 133, which goes right through Laguna Canyon. It is also just south of Irvine and known for its beautiful wilderness and surroundings. Still, this Road has long been known as one of the most dangerous in Orange County. This is especially true at night with poor visibility and drunk drivers galore.

If you want to avoid Laguna Canyon Road, you can easily take Irvine Center Drive — Moulton Parkway or University Drive — Jeffrey Road. These roads will take you to Jamboree Road or you can easily catch the 405 to avoid it all.

Dangerous Roads in Orange County

The Ortega Highway

Another dangerous road is the Ortega Highway, also known as State Route 74. This road stretches across Orange Country — from I-5 in San Juan Capistrano to Riverside Country. This is a narrow and steep winding road, which makes it one of the most dangerous in Orange County. In fact, this road is known for its many motorcycle accidents, which has resulted in several fatalities over the years.

To avoid Ortega Highway, try taking the 241 or the 55 to 91. You can then take I-15 or 215 South to get to your destination.

Alicia Parkway

Alicia Parkway is also one of the most dangerous roads in Orange County, California. In fact, it too is a long, winding road in the southern part of the OC. Alicia Parkway’s most dangerous stretch is in Mission Viejo, which is a high-traffic area with hot spots for potential collisions. While the Parkway starts at Crown Valley Parkway in Laguna Niguel and ends at Santa Margarita Parkway, the Mission Viejo stretch is the area you need to drive safely through.

Alicia Parkway’s main intersections include Route 5, Charlinda Drive, Muirlands Boulevards and Jeronimo Road. Again, these areas have seen plenty of fender-benders and all out collisions. The intersection with Olympiad Road is also known to be a troublesome area — especially for speeding and accidents.

You can try taking Los Alisos Boulevard to avoid the madness on Alicia Parkway. The latter, however, is hard to avoid since it covers so much lands in Orange County.

These are some of the most dangerous roads to drive on in Orange County. However, there are plenty more – including Crown Valley Parkway, El Toro Road, Bristol Street, and others. If you have been involved in a car wreck or accident in Orange County, we offer a free consultation for car accident victims. In fact, we can help secure prompt restitution for damages to your vehicle and person. Simply contact us today and get the legal help and representation you deserve.