Medical Malpractice

Is a Misdiagnosis Medical Malpractice?

When we go to the doctor with our problems, we expect them to fix what ails us or help treat the problems we’re suffering from. However, that might be the case for you. You were misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late, and the damage occurred. Now, you’re suffering because your doctor made a mistake. However, a […]

Does Fault Matter in Pennsylvania Divorces

Does Fault Matter in Pennsylvania Divorces?

Pennsylvania is a state that still considers fault when it comes to divorce. However, you can also opt to file a no-fault divorce, which is a little easier in most cases. If you file a divorce case because your spouse committed adultery, for instance, the court will examine the at-fault party’s misconduct. You must provide […]

Washington Car Accident Laws

Washington Car Accident Laws

All drivers and motorists are required to act in a responsible manner by obeying all traffic rules to prevent accidents and crashes. Washington, with all its tunnels, bridges, and busy roads, tends to register quite a high number of automobile crashes every year. This post seeks to address the ins and outs of Washington car […]