Willo Trees Genealogy


Hi, I’m Willo, and lately, I’ve become interested in genealogy. I’m so intrigued by how our family trees connect us to people from generations past. We may have a weird quirk about us or a specific hobby that we never understood and then we dig deep into our ancestry and find out that a third cousin carried that same trait. Our family can tell us so much about ourselves. 

With this website, I want to trace the ancestry of people I know, both close friends and distant relatives. I’m excited to see what stories I’ll unveil in my discoveries. I hope I can help others with their identities the way I’ve used my research to help myself. 

Already, I’ve discovered that my friend’s great great great grandmother came to the United States from Ireland. My other friend had a great grandfather who was a cowboy out West. I’ve found out that my distant cousin was a carpenter and my maternal grandmother was a tax lawyer in Michigan. When I find these things, I’m excited to learn more about the relevant region, time period, and occupation. 

What You’ll Find on My Page

As you search through my site, you’ll see that I offer more content than just stories. Because I’ve become so invested in the field of genealogy, I wanted to provide some information on family trees, ancestry, and how to trace your lineage as well. Think of my page as a comprehensive guide for you on genealogy and the amazing results that can come from it.

These stories are meant to be inspiring and moving. Hopefully, they’ll be entertaining as well. While most of my findings tell tales of ordinary people coming from ordinary backgrounds, it’s the connections that outlast time which make them so meaningful.  

Why Genealogy Is Important

Many people go their entire lives without searching for their ancestors or questioning their background. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I was the same way for a long time; however, making your ancestry a part of your identity can provide an extra dimension to your being. When people ask where you’re from and what made you the person you are, you’ll have another story.

While it’s great to be able to say, “I was born here and my parents do this,” think how amazing it would be to say, “and my ancestors almost died sailing across the Atlantic to get to America. Once they were here, my great great grandfather was a soldier and town leader who fought for justice and gave my family the life we now have.” These are the stories that live on for a lifetime.